• Cover of Gems & Gemology Winter 2023 issue, featuring a 925 ct Texas topaz crystal and a 13.8 ct round Lone Star cut.

Winter 2023

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Feature articles from this issue:

  • Topaz from Mason County, Texas by Roy Bassoo, Diane Eames, Matthew F. Hardman, Kenneth Befus, and Ziyin Sun
  • Bohemian Garnets as Decorative Materials for Glass Vessels from the Late Sixteenth to Early Eighteenth Centuries by Karl Schmetzer, Hans Albert Gilg, and Hans-Jörg Ranz
  • A Unique Petrified Tree Fern from Northeast China by Ying Yan, Xiao-Yan Yu, Han-Yue Xu, and Zhi-Rong Xie
  • Slovak Opal: A New Life for a Historical Gem by Peter Semrád
  • Micro-Features of Beryl by Nathan Renfro, Tyler Smith, John I. Koivula, Shane F. McClure, Kevin Schumacher, and James E. Shigley

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