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Winter 2015

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Quantitative Colorimetric Analysis
Ziyin Sun, Aaron C. Palke, and Nathan Renfro

The Origin of Montanaís Alluvial Sapphires
J.C. (Hanco) Zwaan, Eric Buter, Regina Mertz-Kraus, and Robert E. Kane

The Grand Sapphire of Louis XIV and the Ruspoli Sapphire
Franaois Farges, Gerard Panczer, Nassima Benbalagh, and Geoffray Riondet

Characterization of Tarnish Spots in Chinese High-Purity Gold Jewelry
Taijin Lu, Jian Zhang, Yan Lan, Ying Ma, Hua Chen, Jie Ke, Zhenglong Wu, and Miaomiao Tang

Splendor in the Outback: A Visit to Australia's Opal Fields
Tao Hsu, Andrew Lucas, and Vincent Pardieu

Every issue also includes the most up-to-date reports from the GIA Laboratory (Lab Notes) and gemologists around the world (Gem News International).

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