• Cover of Gems & Gemology Summer 2018 issue, featuring gray stone with embedded blue gems

Summer 2018

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Feature articles from this issue:

  • Natural-Color Blue, Gray, and Violet Diamonds: Allure of the Deep by Sally Eaton-Magaña, Christopher M. Breeding, and James E. Shigley
  • Black Diamonds from Marange (Zimbabwe): A Result of Natural Irradiation and Graphite Inclusions by Karen V. Smit, Elina Myagkaya, Stephanie Persaud, and Wuyi Wang
  • An Early Byzantine Engraved Almandine from the Garibpet Deposit, Telangana State, India: Evidence for Garnet Trade Along the Ancient Maritime Silk Road by H. Albert Gilg, Karl Schmetzer, and Ulrich Schüssler
  • Cultured Pearls from Lake Kasumigaura: Production and Gemological Characteristics by Ahmadjan Abduriyim
  • Gemological Characterization of Sapphires from Yogo Gulch, Montana by Nathan D. Renfro, Aaron C. Palke, and Richard B. Berg
  • Features of Synthetic Diamonds by Sally Eaton-Magaña and Christopher M. Breeding

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