• Summer 2005

Summer 2005

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Characterization and Grading of Natural-Color Yellow Diamonds
John M. King, James E. Shigley, Thomas H. Gelb, Scott S. Guhin, Matthew Hall, and Wuyi Wang

Emeralds from the Kafubu Area, Zambia
J. C. Zwaan, AntonÌn Seifert, Stanislav Vr·na, Brendan M. Laurs, Bjˆrn Anckar, William B. Simmons, Alexander Falster, Wim Lustenhouwer, Sam Muhlmeister, John I. Koivula, and HÈja Garcia-Guillerminet

Mt. Mica: A Renaissance in Maine's Gem Tourmaline Production
William B. (Skip) Simmons, Brendan M. Laurs, Alexander U. Falster, John I. Koivula, and Karen L. Webber

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