• Cover of Gems & Gemology Spring 2020 issue, featuring a 3,070 ct fantasy cut heliodor.

Spring 2020

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Feature articles from this issue:

  • A Quantitative Description of the Causes of Color in Corundum by Emily V. Dubinsky, Jennifer Stone-Sundberg, and John L. Emmett
  • The Evolution of Chinese Jade Carving Craftsmanship by Mingying Wang and Guanghai Shi
  • Color Characteristics of Blue to Yellow Beryl from Multiple Origins by Yang Hu and Ren Lu
  • History of the Chivor Emerald Mine, Part I (1880–1925): From Rediscovery to Early Production by Karl Schmetzer, Gérard Martayan, and Jose Guillermo Ortiz
  • Rhodonite-Pyroxmangite from Tanatz Alp, Switzerland by Franca Caucia, Luigi Marinoni, Maria Pia Riccardi, Omar Bartoli, and Maurizio Scacchetti

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