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Spring 2012

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Emeralds from the Fazenda Bonfim Region, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
J. C. (Hanco) Zwaan, Dorrit E. Jacob, Tobias Hager, Mário T. O. Cavalcanti Neto, and Jan Kanis

Brazil's Emerald Industry
Andy Lucas

Characterization of Colorless Coated Cubic Zirconia (Diamantine)
James E. Shigley, Al Gilbertson, and Sally Eaton-Magaoa

Precision Measurement of Inter-Facet Angles on Faceted Gems Using a Goniometer
Andy H. Shen, William A. Bassett, Elise A. Skalwold, Nicole J. Fan, and Yong Tao

The Vallerano Diamond from Ancient Rome: A Scientific Study
Alessandro Bedini, Sylvana Ehrman, Stella Nunziante Cesaro, Maria Pasini, Ida Anna Rapinesi, and Diego Sali

Radioactive Morganite
Hiroshi Kitawaki, Yoichi Horikawa, Katsumi Shozugawa, and Norio Nogawa

Every issue also includes the most up-to-date reports from the GIA Laboratory (Lab Notes) and gemologists around the world (Gem News International).

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