• Gems & Gemology Spring 2010 issue, featuring cherry blossoms and pink jewel earrings

Spring 2010

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Strongly Colored Pink CVD Lab-Grown Diamonds
Wuyi Wang, Patrick Doering, Joshua Tower, Ren Lu, Sally Eaton-Magaña, Paul Johnson, Erica Emerson, and Thomas M. Moses
Color Alterations in CVD Synthetic Diamond with Heat and UV Exposure: Implications for Color Grading and Identification
Rizwan U. A. Khan, Philip M. Martineau, Bradley L. Cann, Mark E. Newton, Harpreet K. Dhillon, and Daniel J. Twitchen
Possible "Sister" Stones of the Hope Diamond
Scott D. Sucher, Stephen W. Attaway, Nancy L. Attaway, and Jeffrey E. Post
Confocal Micro-Raman Spectroscopy: A Powerful Tool to Identify Natural and Synthetic Emeralds
Le Thi-Thu Huong, Tobias Hager, and Wolfgang Hofmeister
Bastnasite-(Ce) and Parisite-(Ce) From Mt. Malosa, Malawi
Alessandro Guastoni, David Kondo, and Fabrizio Nestola

Every issue also includes the most up-to-date reports from the GIA Laboratory (Lab Notes) and gemologists around the world (Gem News International).

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