• Cover of Gems & Gemology Spring 2002 issue, featuring Richard Liddicoat and Liddicoatite

Spring 2002

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The Ultimate Gemologist: A Tribute to Richard T. Liddicoat
Dona M. Dirlam, James E. Shigley, and Stuart D. Overlin

Portable Instruments and Tips on Practical Gemology in the Field
Edward W. Boehm

Liddicoatite Tourmaline from Anjanabonoina, Madagascar
Dona M. Dirlam, Brendan M. Laurs, Federico Pezzotta, and William B. (Skip) Simmons

Star of the South: A Historic 128 ct Diamond
Christopher P. Smith and George Bosshart

Every issue also includes the most up-to-date reports from the GIA Laboratory (Lab Notes) and gemologists around the world (Gem News International).

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