• GIA iD100<sup>&reg;</sup> Pink Diamond Software Upgrade

GIA iD100® Pink Diamond Software Upgrade

  • $249.00
The GIA iD100® Pink Diamond Software Upgrade is a software add-on to the device that utilizes the advanced spectroscopic technology, combined with GIA's pink diamond identification research, to distinguish natural pink diamonds from laboratory-grown (HPHT and CVD) diamonds, diamond simulants and natural diamonds whose pink color is introduced by treatments involving irradiation and annealing.

  • Natural pink diamond identification
  • Automatic identification with results in <2 seconds
  • Easy reading result with audio: "Pass" or "Refer" for further testing
  • Tests both mounted and loose diamonds 0.9mm or greater in diameter (approx. 0.005 carat)
System Requirements:
  • Computer requires Windows 7 or higher to install software and license file onto the GIA iD100
  • Ethernet cable required
  • The GIA iD100 device must be running software version 3.12 or higher. For the current software, contact GIA Instruments

Software Download Instructions

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