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  • GIA Gemolite® NXT

GIA Gemolite® NXT

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Discover GIA’s newest, most advanced gemological microscope, featuring LED lighting, high-clarity optics, and ergonomic features, including a swivel base with stationary power cord for ease of use.  One of the only professional-grade microscopes with all LED lighting, the GIA Gemolite® NXT stays cool to the touch. The GIA Gemolite NXT was designed for optimal performance and customization depending on whether the user is grading diamonds or colored stones, or if they are in a grading or retail environment. 

There are two editions of the GIA Gemolite NXT - the standard edition and the Professional edition.  The GIA Gemolite NXT Professional edition includes multiple light sources, two sets of oculars, adjustable/removable armrests with padded wrist supports and more. See below for details.

GIA Gemolite® NXT Features: 

  • The LED well light has many options for viewing different gemstone features. Accommodates the most useful techniques such as darkfield, brightfield, diffused, reflected, and polarized lighting, and fiber optic illumination.  
  • A set of 10X oculars for increased magnification
  • A set of 10X highpoint eyecups 
  • Specially designed optics pod that is optimal for use with diamonds and colored gemstones
  • Ergonomic, adjustable focus column with large focus knobs
  • Screen display - Illumination LCD digital readout
  • Rotating base with stationary power cord that swivels with ease

SKU: 295-7000

PRICE: $6,495.00

The GIA Gemolite® NXT Professional edition includes all of the above features PLUS: 

  • Fiber optic lights – There are two types included, a shorter rigid version, as well as a longer and more flexible version 
  • LED lighting overhead lamp – a specific color temperature and CRI (color rendering index) used in GIA’s grading lab is specified in the new LED overhead light, replacing the older fluorescent tubes 
  • 15X oculars for increased magnification (in addition to the 10X oculars included in the standard package) 
  • 15X highpoint eyecups (in addition to the 10X highpoint eyecups included in the standard package)
  • Adjustable, removable armrests with padded wrist supports  

 SKU: 295-8000

PRICE: $6,995.00

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