• GIA Gem Identification Student Package

GIA Gem Identification Student Package

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Package price is only available for eligible GIA students.

Developed with the Distance Education student in mind, this carefully selected package allows you to set up your own gem testing station at home. It includes the instruments you need for gem identification and on-going technical skills development.

This package is excellent for completing GIA distance education courses, developing confidence in testing and identifying gems, working freely at your own convenience outside of class and having the basic tools for starting a new business.

GIA Gem Identification Student Package includes:
  • Hand-Held Diffraction Grating Spectroscope
  • Calcite Dichroscope
  • Duplex II Refractometer with Polarizing Filter and Refractive Index Liquid
  • GIA Polariscope with Interference Figure Sphere*
  • Refractometer LED Lamp (battery operated)
  • Daylight Equivalent Fluorescent Light Source -120V
  • Pinpoint Incandescent Flashlight
  • Round Point Tweezers
  • Gem Cloth
  • GIA Diffuser Plate
RI Liquid manufacturer's MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is available for your convenience; no purchase required.

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*The GIA Polariscope is not available for shipment into Canada.

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