• Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond Quality, and Pearls brochures
  • Stacks of sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond quality, and pearl brochures
  • Stacks of emerald, pearl, and diamond quality brochures next to opened brochures placed upright

GIA Gem Brochures Pack

  • $35.00

GIA Gem Brochures Pack contains brochures about five gemstones.

  • (50) GIA 4Cs of Diamond Quality Brochure
  • (50) The Nature of Emeralds Brochure
  • (50) Sapphire Brochure
  • (50) Ruby Brochure
  • (50) 7 Pearl Value Factors™ Brochure

Each brochure is designed to address questions customers have about the characteristics of these gems, and can help them make a more informed purchase.

Use of GIA Retailer Support materials is contingent upon adherence to the usage guidelines prescribed in the Terms of Use.

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