• Cover of Gems & Gemology Fall 2021 issue, featuring a three-strand necklace and earrings of Persian turquoise complemented by diamonds.

Fall 2021

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Feature articles from this issue:

  • Internal Structures of Known Pinctada maxima Pearls: Cultured Pearls from Operated Marine Mollusks by Artitaya Homkrajae, Nanthaporn Nilpetploy, Areeya Manustrong, Nicholas Sturman, Kwanreun Lawanwong, and Promlikit Kessrapong
  • First Identification of Sudoite in Caribbean Ceramic-Age Lapidary Craftsmanship by Alain Queffelec, Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet, Eddy Foy, Yannick Lefrais, and Emmanuel Fritsch
  • Purple Gem Spinel from Vietnam and Afghanistan: Comparison of Trace Element Chemistry, Cause of Color, and Inclusions by Philippe M. Belley and Aaron C. Palke
  • Persian Turquoise: The Ancient Treasure of Neyshabur by Bahareh Shirdam, Andy H. Shen, Mingxing Yang, Zahra Mokhtari, and Hamed Fazliani

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