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Fall 2017

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Observations on HPHT-Grown Synthetic Diamonds: A Review
Sally Eaton-Magaoa, James E. Shigley, and Christopher M. Breeding

Saltwater Pearls from the Pre- to Early Columbian Era: A Gemological and Radiocarbon Dating Study
Chunhui Zhou, Gregory Hodgins, Todd Lange, Kazuko Saruwatari, Nicholas Sturman, Lore Kiefert, and Klaus Schollenbruch

Photoluminescence Spectra of Emeralds from Colombia, Afghanistan, and Zambia
D. Brian Thompson, Christian J. Bayens, Matthew B. Morgan, Taylor J. Myrick, and Nealey E. Sims

Synthetic Star Sapphires and Rubies Produced by Wiedeís Carbidwerk, Freyung, Germany
Karl Schmetzer, H. Albert Gilg, and Heinz-Jürgen Bernhardt

True Colors of Dalmatian "Jasper"
Tomasz Powolny and Magdalena Dumańska-Słowik

Colombian Emerald Industry: Winds of Change
Darwin Fortaleche, Andrew Lucas, Jonathan Muyal, Tao Hsu, and Pedro Padua

Every issue also includes the most up-to-date reports from the GIA Laboratory (Lab Notes) and gemologists around the world (Gem News International).

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