• Fall 2008

Fall 2008

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Identification of Melee-Size Synthetic Yellow Diamonds in Jewelry
Hiroshi Kitawaki, Ahmadjan Abduriyim, and Makoto Okano
Aquamarine, Maxixe-Type Beryl, and Hydrothermal Synthetic Blue Beryl: Analysis and Identification
Ilaria Adamo, Alessandro Pavese, Loredana Prosperi, Valeria Diella, David AjÚ, G. Diego Gatta, and Christopher P. Smith
A New Type of Synthetic Fire Opal: Mexifire
Gagan Choudhary and Rajneesh Bhandari
The Color Durability of ìChocolate Pearls" by Ballerina Pearl Co.
Garry Du Toit, Andy H. Shen, and Christopher M. Breeding
Gota de Aceite: Nomenclature for the Finest Colombian Emeralds
Ronald Ringsrud
Color Variations and Properties of Johachidolite from Myanmar
Karen M. Chadwick and Christopher M. Breeding

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