• 4Cs Counter Display
  • 4Cs Counter Display
  • 4Cs Counter Display

4Cs Counter Display

  • $15.00
This point of sale tool is designed to help you engage your customers in a conversation about diamond quality, and educate them about the GIA 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System.

Display features:
  • Extra large illustrations of the GIA grading scales for color, cut, and clarity
  • Examples of: GIA clarity diagrams, carat weights, a diamond anatomy, and popular diamond shapes
  • Brief explanations of fluorescence, various diamond treatments, laboratory-grown diamonds, and simulants
  • FAQs to help you answer some of the most common customer questions
  • QR code directing customers to additional information from GIA
  • Durable laminated pages, sturdy tab dividers, and folding easel back for easy storage
  • 12" x 9"
  • Full color
  • 9 laminated pages

 Use of GIA Retailer Support materials is contingent upon adherence to the usage guidelines prescribed in the Terms of Use.

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