• Cover of Gems & Gemology Winter 2020 issue, featuring six pink sapphires from Ilakaka, Madagascar.

Winter 2020

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Feature articles from this issue:

  • Low-Temperature Heat Treatment of Pink Sapphire from Ilakaka, Madagascar by Sudarat Saeseaw, Charuwan Khowpong, and Wim Vertriest
  • Baroque-Era Rose Cuts of Colored Stones: Highlights from the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century by Karl Schmetzer
  • Fluorescence Characteristics of Blue Amber from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Myanmar by Zhiqing Zhang, Xinran Jiang, Yamei Wang, Fanli Kong, and Andy H. Shen
  • Mineral Inclusions in Sapphire from Basaltic Terranes in Southern Vietnam: Indicator of Formation Model by Doan Thi Anh Vu, Abhisit Salam, Alongkot Fanka, Elena Belousova, and Chakkaphan Sutthirat

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