• GIA UV Lamp and Viewing Cabinet

GIA UV Lamp and Viewing Cabinet

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UV lamp output variation can significantly affect fluorescence color and intensity observed in diamond. This device utilizes a very stable, narrowband UV LED (365 nm) whose output will not fluctuate over time compared to traditional mercury based UV lamps. Fluorescence is an important factor in gem identification and the GIAÆ UV Lamp and Viewing Cabinet provides the same evaluation environment used by GIA and includes a compact viewing enclosure and calibrated references for the intensity of blue fluorescence in diamond.

  • Consistent, stable, long-life 365 nm LED provides narrow band UV illumination
  • Compact desktop viewing cabinet provides reproducible environment for observations
  • Reference strip with four visual comparisons shows blue diamond fluorescence ranging from "None/Very Faint" to "Strong"
  • Lamp and reference strip detach from cabinet for handheld use
  • Universal 100V - 240V for global electrical compatibility. Plug configurations included for Australia, China, Europe, North America and United Kingdom.

Read the Gems & Gemology article that inspired the creation of the GIA UV Lamp and Viewing Cabinet.

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