• DLScope Professional Microscope with Overhead Lamp
  • Location of fuse holder for the darkfield illumination

DLScope Professional Microscope with Overhead Lamp

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Improve customer service and close more sales with the GIA DLScope. Designed for retailers, this quality microscope will showcase your expertise while effectively explaining the qualities of diamonds and gemstones to your customers.
  • Digital 12V system eliminates spike and flicker irregularities which reduces eye fatigue
  • Leica StereoZoom Magnification from 10x to 64x
  • 47,000+ lux exceeds the needs for diamond examination while satisfying the requirements for colored gems
  • GIA-patented darkfield and brightfield illumination using LCD intensity read-out for recall of the previous intensity setting
  • Wider stage mount promotes optimum wrist positioning and hand comfort and includes custom stoneholder
  • Three ports for mounting optional overhead lamp
  • Exclusive stationary power cord for 345 degree base rotation; 100V-240V global electrical compatibility

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