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Diamond Sorting Pads (set of 2)
Our Price: $12.95

Handy diamond sorting pads. Package of 2...
GIA Table Gauge
Our Price: $19.95

Table Gauge
Contrast Control Spectacles
Our Price: $24.00

Protect your eyes from harmful shortwave ultraviolet rays.
GIA Color Grading Disc
Our Price: $69.00

Specifically made for mounted stones. This flat white, non-reflecting acrylic disk will help you grade mounted stones more easily on your microscope. Fits into GemoLite® light well.
GIA Stoneholder
Our Price: $85.00

For loose or mounted stones. Compatible with all GIA Gem Instruments™ with built-in mounting posts. Girdle edge fully visible even when held girdle to girdle inspring-loaded axis rotation. Holds stone firmly without abrading culet.
GIA Inclusion Pointer
Our Price: $95.00

Great for educating customers. Pinpoints gem features as it moves across field of view. Works with all GIA microscopes.
Diffuser Plate
Our Price: $115.00

Quickly spot inclusions and surface enhancements. Ideal for seeing curved color banding in flame fusion synthetic blue sapphire. Fits GIA microscopes.
Video CCD Camera Adaptor
Our Price: $195.00

Video CCD Camera Adaptor
Still Camera Adaptor
Our Price: $195.00

Still Camera Adaptor
2x Adaptor Lens for DLScope Professional 964000
Our Price: $295.00

Increase the magnification of your DLScope Professional microscope with an easy to attach doubling lens.  Double your power range from 20x to 128x